Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Kinky Kids' Stories

I’m a masochist, meaning I like pain and the idea of being dominated by a powerful entity. I say ‘entity’ because in the realm of fantasy, the dominant character can be a person or an animal or a robot or anything really. Despite perception of masochism as a conscious deviancy, I believe it’s more like a sexual orientation as I have been this way all my life. This means I was a masochist when I was a kid and as such tended to be drawn to certain stories that unintentionally exemplified kinks. So, here I’ve made a list of the top ten (most likely unintentionally) kinky stories of my childhood. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to move on.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Pet - BDSM Film Review

A while ago while looking for a completely different movie, I came upon The Pet, a BDSM-related story. Being a masochist and fan of the BDSM genre in general, I watched it anyway. It’s pretty bad. Some movies are so bad they’re good… This isn’t one of them. It doesn’t seem to understand what it’s trying to be, and while I think it was trying to present an open-minded perspective of alternative relationships, it comes off decidedly negative in its portrayal of BDSM. The most overt way this is so is through the unfortunate conflation of consensual “slavery” role-play with real world human trafficking.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weird Search Terms

Thanks to Site Meter, I can tell when people visit Going Rampant and from where. If it was from a search engine, the search terms are usually recorded. Below is a list of some of the strangest things people have reached my blog searching for:

  • "sexy mechanics" - This is a problem of searches ignoring punctuation. "...Sexy? Mechanics..."
  • "feminist killing boys" - Sorry, no anti-feminist rants here.
  • "sex porno massacre brutaly" - I'm sure I used every one of those words on a page, just not together like that.
  • "fanfiction about dark and dominant jacob raping and forcing bella to be his sex slave" - Sorry, not my thing. Now, morally grey and dominant Claire raping and forcing Elle to be her sex slave...
  • "goa'uld porn" - Um, what the frak?
  • "how to kill a womanizing husband" - Yikes! 
  • "is halo a girl character in the game halo" - Halo is a pretty cool gal. ehs kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything. Seriously, though, no, Halo is a ring-shaped weapon of mass destruction.
  • "obama is an active from the dollhouse" - Ha! Well, it would make sense. Bennett's good at programming leadership qualities.
  • "halo elite female porn" - Is it weird that I've actually seen some on the 'net?
  • "snakes slither into female womb and gives birth sex stories" - I... What?
  • "images of a female spartan from halo getting raped by an elite" - Um... Hell, no.
It's a sick 'net, people! It's a sick 'net!